Development of information systems, mobile and web applications

Complete cycle of development of websites and information systems, automation of business processes

  • Website development and support

    • Creation and technical support of unique websites and web applications of any complexity
    • Modification of corporate systems and your current web resources
    • Comprehensive technical support for web applications on an ongoing basis
    • Working technologies and platforms:    My SQL | PHP | Python | Symphony | Lavarel
    • Content management systems CMS:  WordPress | 1С-Bitrix
  • Business process analysis

    • Pre-design study
    • Collection and processing of customer functional requirements
    • Business process modeling
    • System design
    • Development of technical specifications
    • Preparation of accompanying and technical documentation for the system
  • Design

    • Creating a corporate identity – developing a unique image for the company and increasing its recognition.
    • Developing a design based on a corporate identity or creating it from scratch for your corporate web resources
    • Development of user interface design for corporate applications and information systems. UX/UI design to solve business problems.
  • Information systems

    • Development of high-load web applications and mobile applications
    • Customization and integration of CRM systems
    • Integration of systems and applications.
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Creation and design of personal accounts
    • Image processing using machine learning
    • Preparation of accompanying and technical documentation for the system
    • Front-end technologies: Typeskript | React | MobX | Vue js
    • Technology
      server side:  C#| PHP | JAVA
  • Our works

    1er Forum France Russie sur l’Hydrogène

    1er Forum France Russie sur l’Hydrogène

    Организуемый совместно Торговым представительством Российской Федерации во Франции и компанией «CIFAL», Водородный форум Россия – Франция соберет впервые и на самом высоком уровне ведущих французских и российских игроков по производству водорода и связанных с этим технологий. Целью Форума является закладка фундамента различных форм сотрудничества с целью декарбонизации экономик двух стран с участием операторов и производителей по всей цепочке добавленной стоимости в промышленности: производство, хранение, транспортировка и применение. View project Do same!



    Development of a corporate web application for the collection, storage and processing of data using a tabular interface similar to that of Microsoft Excel for BIC (“BIC CIS”).

    It is a unique service integrated into an existing work environment that allows the collection of information, storage, processing, analysis and downloading of data. This product makes it possible to automate the processes of managing forecast data and synchronizes them with real financial data.

    Thanks to its online environment, the application allows managers and administrators to have 24/24 access to data, which increases the flexibility of employees in their daily work. View project Do same!

    Golden Ratio

    Golden Ratio

    Создание уникального дизайна и разработка веб-сайта для архитектурной мастерской «Золотое Сечение».

    Основная деятельность «Золотого Сечения» является проектирование зданий и сооружений с высоким уровнем квалификации сотрудников компании, огромный опыт работы, использование новейших технических и программных средств проектирования.

    GoldenRatio View project Do same!

    Tsar Voyages – интернациональная и динамично развивающаяся платформа, которая специализируется на приеме туристов и на организации мероприятий в России.

    Разработаны новые инструменты для оптимизации личного кабинета, автоматической выгрузки смет для менеджеров, серверной части и работы баз данных.

    Предоставлена круглосуточная техническая поддержка ресурса и мгновенное реагирование на возникшие перебои. View project Do same!

    Quartier Latin – проект по поиску жилья и высших учебных заведений для студентов во Франции, Бельгии, Квебеке, Монако и Швейцарии.
    Ресурс включает в себя каталоги с выбором недвижимости, ВУЗов и языковых курсов.
Был разработан гибкий функционал для создания новых страниц и разделов с учетом текущего сезона продаж.
Спроектирован и внедрен личный кабинет для менеджеров, с учетом бизнес-процесс, взаимодействия посетителей сайта и заказов через платформу. View project Do same!

    FM Logistic

    FM Logistic

    Technical support for incidents, finalization and development of microservices for the warehouse yard management system, designed for the automation of transport management processes on the territory of warehouse complexes of the logistics company “FM LOGISTIC”.


    The YMS system identifies the location of each machine at the warehouse checkpoints, the goods in each crate, information about the vehicle’s attachment to the theft, the priority of the theft, the control of the vehicle’s exit from the warehouse and much more. With YMS, the problems of queues in the loading and unloading area, theft of delivered goods, clutter in the warehouse yard, turning it into a “black hole” for the budget, are solved.

  View project Do same!

    Our clients is an international IT
    сompany is a French-Russian company that offers you a reasonable approach to the development of complex information systems and implements comprehensive IT solutions from pre-project surveys, business process modeling and identification of functional requirements to the introduction of a new information system inside the enterprise and integration with external services.

    We have experience in successfully developing custom international software. Our products have a high level of security, flexibility and are able to effectively solve business problems.

    What you will get by working with us

    • A modern adaptive web resource with a unique design, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer

    • A custom-made corporate system that significantly improves business manageability

    • Technical support of your resource and problem solving on an ongoing basis

    • Mutual trust and individual attitude to the client.

    Do you need to optimize your business processes?

    We will help you develop a strategy and offer solutions for automation of the information system, increasing the efficiency of your company.

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